How To Unlock Any Samsung Galaxy Smartphone By IMEI

How To Unlock Any Samsung Galaxy By IMEI 

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What do I need to unlock a Samsung Galaxy phone? 

All you need to unlock any Samsung Galaxy smartphone is:

  • (A) an Internet connection and 
  • (B) the IMEI of the locked phone.
  • (C) carrier the phone is currently locked to.
  • (D) an e-mail address to receive your unlock code and step-by-step instructions.
(It is important to type the unlock code after typing your PIN and when the phone prompts for the unlock code.) You can also use this FREE phone IMEI/ESN blacklist checker by swappa to see if the phone has been blacklisted due to loss, theft or non-payment. 

What's is an IMEI?

The (International Mobile Equipment Identity) or IMEI is a 15-digit number, usually unique, to identify 3GPP and iDEN mobile phones, as well as some satellite phones. 

IMEI numbers have one principal purpose: To identify mobile devices. Their secondary purpose, or intention, is to prevent theft. ... When a carrier knows that a device has been stolen, it can blacklist the IMEI code and lock it out of the network. Later on, it tells other cellular networks to do the same. READ MORE HERE:

Where can I find the IMEI?

You can find the IMEI number and model number within the Settings of the device (step-by-step instructions HERE). You can also find the IMEI by dialing "*#06#" on your phone's keypad or dialer.


Which network providers are supported for unlocking Samsung Galaxy smartphones?

We support all of the following USA Regional mobile service providers.... (Click network providers name to visit specified service).

Verizon | T-Mobile | Sprint | At&t | MetroPCS | CricKet | Virgin Mobile | Boostmobile | xFinity 

What to do if my unlock code is not available?


If your unlock code is not found after scanning local databases, we will issue you a full refund so that you can use our Premium Samsung Unlocking Service which trolls multiple international databases providing an exact network unlock code match for your Samsung smartphone. 

What if my Samsung's software has been modified? 

We guarantee our methods of unlocking Samsung smartphones will work with all original stock software and updates. Unfortunately, we cannot take responsibility if the phone's software has been modified in any way prior to providing unlock codes. You will need to restore the phone to factory settings and assume the risks of having altered the phone's software required to successfully unlock the device.

Do I need a SIM card from another network provider to unlock my Samsung Galaxy? 

Yes, one of the requirements to complete the unlocking process is to insert a SIM card from a different network provider. Without another carriers SIM card, the phone will not prompt for an unlock code, therefore unlocking the phone won't be possible.

How do I unlock my phone if I don't know to which network my Samsung is locked? 

You do not have to indicate the exact network to unlock your Samsung device. However, if you need to unlock any Samsung Galaxy smartphone but do not know the original network provider, you can proceed to choose the Worldwide Samsung IMEI Unlock option, this service is guaranteed to troll worlwide databases new and old in order to successfully unlock your smartphone.


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